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Add Eggs to Coffee to Lose Weight Fast

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Already coffee? If you like coffee and are losing weight, add one egg. According to nutrition experts can help to lose weight.

Adding milk to coffee is common. If you’re dieting generally people choose low-fat or nonfat milk. Some sports practitioners actually recommend drinking coffee before exercise to be more energetic.

Black coffee mixed with eggs has become a traditional drink in many countries. Such as Hungary, Scandinavia, Vietnam, and Minnesota. They consumed this drink for centuries ago.

Nutrition experts recommend adding fresh eggs to coffee or hot tea to lose weight quickly, reports The Health Site (21/1). What is the reason? Marc Bubbs, nutrition director for Canadian Men’s National Basketball says that the combination of coffee and eggs is a popular drink among sports practitioners. They drink egg coffee will make them more energized so that more calories burn in exercise.

Consuming raw eggs are known to be very dangerous. Because it can be contaminated with salmonella bacteria that can cause stomach ache and fatal lead to death. But raw eggs are safely mixed into the coffee because the coffee heat will be enough to kill bacteria.

Eggs need to be cooked at a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, while the coffee water temperature of about 90 degrees Celsius. This temperature is enough to help kill bacteria, so it is advisable to buy pasteurized eggs.

In Indonesia, mixed raw egg tea can be enjoyed in West Sumatera and known as the “Talua”. Whereas coffee is mixed with regular eggs consumed in Vietnam known as Ca Phe Trung.

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Eggs are taken yellow and then shaken until frothy, then poured into hot coffee and stirred. In order to keep warm until the last drop, Vietnam egg coffee is served in a shot glass.

Then the glass is placed in a bowl of hot water. There is even a cafe in Saigon that gives a mixture of butter and cheese in the shaken egg yolk. It feels more creamy and sweet taste.

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