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Most Americans Now Can Not Loose Gadgets while Eating

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Play, the phone and watch TV so the habits of the American people when eating. Hence, they are difficult to lose weight. A study reveals if Americans can not eat if away from the SWNS reporting gadget. This research was conducted by Nutrisystem, America. A company that helps people lose weight.

As many as two thousand Americans have followed this survey. The result, 29% of them claim to eat while playing gadgets. While the other 71% admitted eating while watching TV.

When everyone is asked about what makes the meal more enjoyable, they answer watching tv than chatting with the family. When eating, people are encouraged to focus on the food eaten.

“Preliminary research shows that focusing on eating can help you lose weight and reduce your caloric and fat intake,” says Courtney McCormick, a dietitian at Nutrisystem.

As many as 34% of people who researched also said if they eat faster if while watching tv or playing gadgets. They did not even believe that they were fast enough to eat at that time.

“What we eat, how much, and how often, is the thing we need to think about if we want to lose weight, the part we might not think about is how we eat, and it starts with putting gadgets on and off the tv,” Courtney McCormick.

Controlling food intake is also very important. In the study, 57% said if they had time to control how much food was eaten. The portion of eating Americans so much more today, according to McCormick.

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“Americans eat more and this is because they eat more outside, they think the portion of the restaurant is the correct portion of food, although sometimes it’s four times as big as learning to control the portion of the meal is the key to losing weight and sustaining ideal weight “, added Mc Cormick.

So it’s best when eating focus on the food you eat and keep your food intake healthy.

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