Best Way To Measure Body Fat

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best way to measure body fat

There are some ways of measuring body fat percentage because many people develop their research in order to get the best ways. That is why some health experts release the best way to measure body fat, so what is it?

Here is explanation about the most accurate body fat percentage calculation base on some health experts;

1. Getting DEXA scan

The word ‘scan’ means that the measurement is taken from assessing all parts of the body. That is why this way is best way to measure body fat. How the calculations work? To get DEXA scan, you should go to general universities or clinic and other health facilities. It is because the device which is used to scan still needs cost. The method of this way is by scanning all part the body utilize dual x-ray. The result shows not only how much you carry fat but also where part of your body that carry more fat. Of course it is beneficial for you because it can be part of your consideration in arranging healthy lifestyle. The cost of this way is quite pricey since it utilizes modern technology, so you should prepare some amount of   money to get dexa scan. Not only body fat percentage, you can know bone mineral density and muscle tissue using this way.

2. Getting underwater weighing

This may sounds a little bit strange, how can measure weigh underwater. That is why taking body fat measurement using this way should be in experts’ monitor. You can do it by yourself. Why this is best way to measure body fat, it is because the way based on theory about bone and muscle tissue is denser that fat tissue. So when you get into water, how much you displace water reflect how your bone and muscle have and the more you displace water, it means you have more muscle tissue and bone. It is simple and accurate, but you should get helper to get it.

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The two ways are best ways to measure body fat because its calculation based on high technology and theory. So if you want to get the right calculation of your body fat percentage, you should one of the two ways. Do not forget to take it at the right place such as major universities, clinic or hospital to avoid inaccurate result.

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