Bmi Vs Body Fat

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bmi vs body fat

BMI – Body Mass Index is a calculation of weight and height that resulting a certain calculation, then the calculation will indicate the condition of health whether she/he is healthy or not. This way have been used as determiner of someone health for a long time and most people believe that this way is effective. Body fat is fat in human body that used as source of energy, then how to calculate it? Calculating body fat percentage is not tricky; you can see experts or clinic to get it. Calculating body fat is one of ways to know health condition, it is recommended because most people get problem because they have more fat in their body. Besides that there some serious health issue relating body fat percentage such as diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer and other serious diseases. Of course measuring body fat percentage can prevent them from serious health problem because after they know their scale, they can take good step to make their body healthier.

Bmi Vs Body Fat, this is one controversial phenomenon because some people argue that using BMI as indicator health condition is accurate and some do not think so. Talking about BMI, it is simple way to take information about health condition that involves weight and height. The normal BMI is 18.5 – 24.9, if the result of your BMI calculation is out of this normal scale, you should consider to begin healthy lifestyle and pay more attention to your health condition. BMI use weight of all body composition as element of calculation besides height. It is believed as out of school method because body fat is the main source of problem for human health.

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Some also believe that using body fat measurement as health standards is smart choice. Calculation body fat percentage is important since most health problems come from this tissue. When your body carries too much fat, it will make your body get into serious health problem. If you have more fat, you should start exercising and diet in order to save your life. You can get DEXA scan to measure your body fat percentage accurately. Bmi Vs Body Fat is comparison between the two ways of measuring health condition which leads you to get know about your health. Both can you try and you will get more information about your real health condition.

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