Body Fat Chart Male

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body fat chart male

Health condition and fitness level of male can be determined by taking body fat measurement. Not only female who are afraid of their body shape but also male, it makes most men try to gain muscle and join fitness club. You can determine you are in good health condition or not by seeing body fat chart male after you scale your body fate percentage. There are different standard of body fat scales for male and female, it is because female has different physical and physiological development. Female need more fat to support their reproduction system and their body development.

If you are male and you want to shape your body and gain muscle, you should measure your body fat percentage and get to know where your position in body fat chart male. It is recommended because before you start exercising you should determine your goal. You can measure your body fat by seeing professional or healthy care facilitation. But you should know first what body fat chart male is and here are details of that:

Classification Men (in percentage)
Obese Greater than 25%
Acceptable 18-25
Fitness 14-17
Athletes 6-13
Essential fat 2-5

The table shows the range of body fat percentage for male. From the table above we know that men have 2% – 5% body fat percentage as essential fat. What is essential fat? It is fat that your body needs to provide energy, as cushion for internal organ and also for regulating body temperature. It means that if your body fat percentage is less than 2%, you are not in good condition and you should add the level of it. The second chart is for athlete, an athlete should have different body fat percentage that is 6% – 13%. The third chart is for fitness person is 14% – 17% of body fat percentage, the fourth chart is acceptable percentage; 18% – 25%. Those are details of body fat chart male that you should know before you start gain muscle program or weight loss program. Your metabolism will work properly if your body percentage in normal chart, the most important thing is obese range. If you are at obese range, you should see your doctor soon and arrange fat loss program to avoid serious disease such as cancer, heart attack, and hypertension and diabetes type 2.

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