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This Breakfast Jennifer Garner Always Eats to Stay Slim

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For some people keep the shape of the body to always slim need more effort. Besides exercising and paying attention to food intake, of course, also must be done. Jennifer Garner did too. To stay slim, Jennifer Garner ate the same breakfast every day. Not a fruit or a salad, he actually eats a smoothie every morning which he thinks helps maintain weight.

Keep the weight done Jennifer Garner even when preparing to play a role in a movie. In the Peppermint film, he collaborated with Kelly Leveque’s seller nutritionist to regulate the diet.

Kelly herself is a nutritional known for her smoothie recipe. The recipe has been consumed with other famous celebrities, such as Chelsea Handler, Emmy Rossum, to Molly Sims.

Smoothie consumed by Jennifer Garner every day is called the Fab Four formulas. Meaning that minimum consists of four content of protein, healthy fats, and green vegetables are formulated to feel full for a long time. On instagram, Ben Affleck’s former wife was also revealed what materials are used to make the smoothie.

Jennifer uploaded a video showing her making the smoothie. In the description of the upload, he writes that the ingredients used include two spoonfuls of collagen protein powder, a spoon of flaxseed, a spoon of Chia seed, a tablespoon of almond butter, one and a half cups of unsweetened almond milk or fresh spinach, a spoonful of ice, and some blueberries.

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All the materials are blended until the mixture is evenly mixed. After that drinks can be enjoyed immediately. Do you want to try this recipe?

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