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Burn 100 Calories More With 7 Activities of This Simple

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Healthy weight loss ideally occurs slowly. Approximately 0.5 to 2 kg in a month. Losing weight slowly but consistently will be more durable and less likely to quickly return to the original weight.

As quoted from Shape, to be able to drop weight at least 0.5 a month. You need to burn about 100 calories per day. The good news, not necessarily by always exercising because of daily activities like this one can help speed up fat burning up to 100 calories, even more. What are those?

1. Cooking

Anyone who has a hobby of cooking? Maybe you think that people who have a hobby of cooking will have excess weight. Make no mistake, was in the kitchen for 75 minutes it can burn calories in the body as much as 104 calories.

2. Dance at home

If you like music, you will automatically also like to sway, or at least sing. You can spend 30 minutes at home to rock music. This can burn about 152 calories.

3. Jamming or painting

Then hanging out at the cafe over the weekend better go to the studio for just jamming with friends. In addition to releasing creativity that can relieve stress. Jamming while stomping can burn more than 100 calories. Other creative activities such as painting, for an hour, can burn up to 193 calories.

4. Planting trees

Spend time on weekends to make your own garden. You can plant some herbs at home. An hour of gardening will produce 165 calories, plus plants growing around the house give a calming effect on our body and mind.

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5. Redecorating the home

Decorating activities of the house are one of the activities that drain energy. Although done only about 15 minutes by shifting or moving things, it has burned up to 110 calories.

6. Take a walk

It sounds difficult, especially for the lazy motion. But a leisurely walk for an hour will work for you because it can burn 170 calories.

7. Stand up

Instead of sitting down, choose to stand up. One of the things that can be practiced directly is when to go to the office by bus. Doing it for two hours a day will burn 110 calories.

That’s some tips that maybe you can do at home, maybe useful and do not forget to share this article so that others can feel the benefits.

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