calculating body fat percentage
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Calculating Body Fat Percentage

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calculating body fat percentage

Some people know that fat is important for body but if the amount of fat is too high, it will increase the risk of serious disease. To know whether your body fat percentage is normal or nonstandard, you need to measure it. Calculating body fat percentage can be complicated if you do not know how to take it. There is simple way to measure body fat percentage and it is also accurate; dexa scan. This method utilizes x-ray technology to measure body fat. Some popular university has this technology; you can also ask your doctor where you can find it. This method is quite pricey but it is equal to the result.

If you get difficult to find dexa scan, you can try conventional method that you can take at home. It is calculating body fat percentage using measurer tape. This method can you do by yourself. Here are steps to measure your body fat percentage;

  1. Measure your neck

Place your tape just under your adam aple, do not press your neck, just relax and measure it. If the result is not exact, you just calculate it up to the nearest half inch.

  1. Measure your waist

Mesure your waist circumference is not complicated, you just need to place tape under your belly buton. It is recommended to ask someone help to measure it while you hang your arms.

  1. Measuring your hips

This is also important in measuring body fat percentage because women carry more fat especially on their hips. You just need to place tape and measure the circumference; it is best for you do not wear pants while taking this measurement.

  1. Measure your height

This is easy, you just need to stand and lay on the flat surface. Keep your head up, your body stand straight. Place the ruler up your head and mark it. Then you measure height from the floor to ruler mark.

  1. Enter your record measurement into right calculator

This kind calculator can you find on website. Make sure your measurement is accurate to get the exact result as well.

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It is the simple way to measure your body fat percentage.  Calculating body fat percentage is not hard task and you can do it by yourself but it will be more accurate if you see professional exert to take it such as using dexa scan.

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