No ratings yet. Some institutions require their employees to have healthy body with measuring their weight, height and body fat percentage. Military members are also commanded to have normal standard body fat percentage based on each departments’ decision include navy.

No ratings yet. There are some ways of measuring body fat percentage because many people develop their research in order to get the best ways. That is why some health experts release the best way to measure body fat, so

No ratings yet. BMI – Body Mass Index is a calculation of weight and height that resulting a certain calculation, then the calculation will indicate the condition of health whether she/he is healthy or not. This way have been used

No ratings yet. Body fat calculator for men is calculator for measuring body fat percentage for men which is different from body fat calculator for women. The differences is caused by the dissimilar physical and physiological development, that is why

No ratings yet. Health condition and fitness level of male can be determined by taking body fat measurement. Not only female who are afraid of their body shape but also male, it makes most men try to gain muscle and

No ratings yet. Body fat ranges are scales of fat both essential and storage fat in human body. It is determined by professionals or health organization as guidance for human. For example; women under 30s have the range of body

No ratings yet. Taking measurer to know body fat percentage is one of ways to get it and there are still many ways to measure body fat percentage. But do all methods of calculating body fat percentage accurate? Body fat