Dexa Scan Body Fat for Starting Healthy Lifestyle

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dexa scan body fat

You begin to exercise and go on diet because your body shape is not as good as you want. After you try healthy lifestyle, your body shows small different, it means you should check your body condition. When you decide to lose weight because you see your BMI, it is not enough. BMI does not show how much fat your body carries and where it spreads. It makes you cannot focus on your program. Starting weight loss should be based on exact information of your body, it will help you to reach goal. It is recommended to know how much fat you have, and then you can begin to lose your weight. The most accurate way to calculate body fat percentage is Dexa Scan Body Fat.

Dexa scan is a way to measure body fat and lean mass as well. There some benefits of taking dexa scan body fat besides knowing body fat percentage such as you will know how much muscle you have and where you part of body that carrying more fat. These will guide you to arrange exercise and you will be helped to get rid of them. Getting body fat measurement is not only for them who have problem with overweight or obese but also for them who have serious disease such as diabetes type 2 and heart disease. Some serious health problem require patients to take some healthy diet and DEXA scan can help to decide what kind of diet they should take.

Where you can find DEXA scan? It is not quite hard to find DEXA scan if you live in big city because some major university with health care labs will have this facility. You can go there and ask experts’ help to scan your body. But if your city does not have any major university, you can ask to trainer at gyms or doctor where you can find DEXA scan body fat. Generally this scan is quite pricey, you should prepare $100 – $200 to get DEXA scan. However the cost of the scan is pricey, the result that you will see is informational and it is very useful for you. So do not think that you can skip body fat measurement if you want to begin have a healthy body and avoid serious diseases. Start your healthy lifestyle with knowing your body fat percentage.

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