Finding Body Fat Calculator For Men

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body fat calculator for men

Body fat calculator for men is calculator for measuring body fat percentage for men which is different from body fat calculator for women. The differences is caused by the dissimilar physical and physiological development, that is why when you calculate your body fat percentage on internet, you will be required to fill gender form. There are significant different forms of body fat percentage for men and women. For example calculating body fat percentage using tape measure, here are the differences;

Men Women
1. Measure his abdomen at the level of the navel horizontally 1. Measure her waist circumference at the smallest horizontal area
2. Measure his neck at downward to the front 2. Measure her hips at the largest horizontal area
3. Measure his height with barefoot 3. Measure her neck at downward to the front
4. Measure her height without any footwear

The table shows that body fat calculator for men using tape are 3 steps; those are measuring abdomen, neck and height. If you want to scale your body fat percentage, you should take those three steps. It will be more effortless if you ask someone help to take the measurements. Besides that the result of measurement will be more accurate if you ask helper. You can find helper and facility to calculate body fat percentage if you go to fitness club or gyms, instructors provide body fat calculator both for men and women. It is also free if you become a member of club.

There is another body fat calculator for men that differ from body fat calculator for women; skin fold method. When you use this way, you will be measured at different area than women by pulling skin away from muscle. Here are steps for men;

  1. Pinch skin vertically between his right nipple and armpit
  2. Pinch skin vertically at abdomen on the right side of his navel
  3. Pinch skin vertically on thigh, take between hips and knee
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These steps will be simpler if it takes by helper to get best result. This is an accurate body fat calculator for men because the body shape of men is uncomplicated than women have. Both tape measure and skin fold are calculator for body fat percentage for men and women but there are some different steps between the two methods. In addition if you use online calculator, you should click gender column and choose that representative you.

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