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Healthy Fats List Easily, Avocado and Dark Chocolate

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Some people cut off the fats when they are reducing weight because fats are identical to weight gain. However, this is the wrong perception because fats are important for the body and your body needs it too. Instead of taking the saturated fats or bad fats, you can see the healthy fats list to check the natural superfood you can consume every day without being scared if your weight will be increased more and those are healthy for your body too.

Superfoods You Can Find Inside Healthy Fats List, Avocado and Dark Chocolate

When you talk about fats, forget for a while about junk food, chips and more but concern about some healthy fats lists to help you in reducing weight but still fulfill the need of fats such as:

  • Avocado

Many people avoid avocado because they know it contains fats. However, the fats inside it are not bad ones. This is different from other fruits because others might contain more carbs. Meanwhile, avocado contains fats more about 77% for calories and those are higher than fats found in animal foods. The main star of the fatty acid inside avocado is called oleic acid or monounsaturated fat. This can be found in olive oil and it gives more benefits. It is the best source of potassium for your diet since it has around 40% higher than a banana. If you search for fiber, this is a great source too because it can also lower the triglycerides and LDL cholesterol which is known as the bad cholesterol while increasing the HDL or good cholesterol. The study also showed that if you eat avocados, then your weight can be lower because it can lose your belly fats.

  • Dark chocolate
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Avoid chocolate when you diet because one bite can make you gain weight. However, dark chocolate is an exception. If you diet but still crave the chocolate, then eat the healthiest dark chocolate ever since it contains good fat of 65% for the calories. It contains 11% fiber and more than 50% of RDA which is iron, manganese, copper, and magnesium. This rare food contains also full of antioxidants and the antioxidants inside it are the highest score after being tested than blueberries. Dark chocolate can reduce the blood pressure and it can protect the good cholesterol inside your blood. The studies showed that those who eat this kind of chocolate 5 ties in a week are healthier from heart disease compared to those who don’t.

Those foods are the healthy fats list that you can find around you easily and those are good for your health as well as your body if you concern to reduce weight in an easy way without so much effort to skip food.

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