How Does Fat Leave The Body

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how does fat leave the body

Fat is one of source energy in your body and it is not bad as the percentage of body fat is normal. When you have normal body fat percentage, your body will be in good condition but if the percentage is too low or too high, you will have serious problem issue. Most people get problem with their fat when they have high body fat percentage even there are some who have lower body fat percentage. When you have too high body fat percentage, you need to lose it.

How does fat leave the body? When you take loss weight program and you can reach your goal, you will know where your fat go does. Your body is fat burn machine and it also burns your fat. When you eat food, all food is processed in your body. Your body has triglycerides and glucose as source energy but it supplies energy in short period. The fat is also source energy in your body, when you release energy from triglycerides and glucose, your body will use fat as source of energy.

Exercise also reduce of fat percentage, when you take exercise regularly both cardio and weight training, you will release more energy and burn more fat. Besides that, exercise also increase your metabolism and it will make you healthier. There are some ways to boost burning fat process for example weight training. This exercise will burn your fat and you do not need to lift heavy weight, you just need to lift medium weight and repeat it. The second is drinking plenty of water, when you take exercise, your body release sweat and urine. The third eat more protein. When you burn your fat, your body does not lose muscle and eating protein will maintain your muscle.

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The last get enough vitamin D to strengthen your bone, gain muscle and burn fat. Now, you know where your fat gone after read this article. How does fat leave the body? Your body fat leaves though your lung, as carbon dioxide and water. When you take exercise, your body release sweat and more carbon dioxide, those come from energy that used.  So, if you want to burn your body fat, you should take exercise and also go on healthy diet. Normal body fat percentage will keep your body health.

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