How Does The Body Burn Fat

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how does the body burn fat

How does the body burn fat? This question may appear on your head when you get your body fat. The answer is not simple but you can get the simple answer here. Daily activities and your work can burn your fat and you can do it every day. When you move your body, you can burn your fat. The actual answer of your question is metabolism. You have heard ‘metabolism’ and you probably have not know what the meaning of metabolism is.

Chemical reactions on your body that keep you wake up every morning and do anything. Your body is machine and metabolism is process of production. The product is your life. You can breath, eat, grow, think and others, those because your metabolism. All you eat and drink are processed to be energy by metabolism. You have storage fat and you can burn it when you use energy. But the source of energy is not only fat but also carbohydrates, when you eat low carbohydrate, your body will use your fat as source of energy.

Your body will burn fat if you take some exercise and go on diet. Here are some ways to burn your fat:

1. Reduce your calorie intake

When you limit your calorie intake, your body will stored calorie in your body. You do not need to cut down your calorie; you just need to reduce the amount of calorie intake. You should eat more veggies and also source of protein.

2. Eat small carbohydrate or eat complex carbohydrate

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White carbohydrate contains sugar and it is not good if you consume it. You can chose brown rice or wheat flour as your carbohydrate source. It will keep your stomach full and it is less sugar as well.

3. Do not drink alcohol

4. Eat in small amount often

You can eat 5 times a day in small portion and it will make your body burn fat well

5. Take exercise

This is the best way to burn fat on your body. You can have exercise by joining fitness club or walking around your house. You can also gain muscle and burn fat when you use weight as your exercise.

It is simple to know the answer of question ‘how does the body burn fat?’ You can  burn your body fat with go on diet and doing regular exercise.

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