How Much Body Fat Do I Have Now

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how much body fat do i have now

Fat is part of important composition of our body because it provides energy for our body. But it is good when it is in normal portion; high or low body fat percentage is not good for your health. So, you should check your body fat percentage to keep your healthy body. High body fat percentage makes you get serious health problem such as diabetes type 2, cancer or high blood pressure. It means you cannot avoid diseases’ risk before you know your body fat percentage.

How much body fat do I have is the question that you should keep on your mind and you should find the answer. There are some ways to measure body fat percentage and you can take it. Here are ways to get know how much fat you have. First you can go to health facilities and ask to get body fat test. Experts will help you to take some tests. For example you will take DEXA scan to measure your body fat percentage. This way is the most accurate way to measure body fat percentage because the technology used can give the exact result. When you want to take DEXA scan, you should prepare money because the test is quite pricey. It appropriates with the result actually. The results show how much fat your body has and where it spread. This result helps you to arrange fat loss program, exercise you should take and what diet you should choose. Based on the right information about your body fat percentage, you will not find serious any obstacle to reach your goal.

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The second way to know how much do body fat I have is under water weighing. This way is also accurate to measure body fat percentage and you can take it at healthy care of fitness club. Our body consists of organs, bone, muscle tissue and fat, they have different dense. Fat is not denser than other bodies’ parts, when you get into water you will know how much fat you have. The more water you displace, the less body fat you have. After that, you know the calculation of your body fat percentage. How much body fat do I have? The answer will you get after you take body fat measurement. Do not forget to get experts’ help when you take this measurement because you can get the accurate result without any helping.


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