How To Calculate Your Body Fat

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how to calculate your body fat

How to calculate your body fat? To measure body fat, you can try some methods both conventional and modern with technology. The two have different technique and you can choose what you think right for you. Here are some methods of measuring body fat that you can take;

1. Dexa scan

This method utilizes X-Ray absorptiometry (Dexa) to measure body fat. The result of Dexa scan is accurate because it uses two combination of x-ray. You will know where part of your body consists of more or less fat. This facility can be found in some universities or labs, you can ask your doctor to know where you can find it around your place.

2. Underwater weighing

This is the second accurate method of measuring body fat. This method is easy to take and you can ask healthy expert to do it. You will weigh your body under water and the water that displace will be measured. It the displaced water is much, it means that you have less body fat and vice versa.

3. Calculating body mass index (BMI)

This is a standard method that you can do at home. You just need to calculate your weight and height. The normal ratio of BMI is 18,5-24,9 and if the ratio is over that, it means you should reduce your body fat.

4. Measuring waist using tape

This is also the easiest way to calculate body fat. You just need tape and measure your waist; you just need to place the tape on your waist. Do not press your stomach and do it while you stand. For women if the result is more than 35 inch, it means you are at risk of serious disease. Then for men if the result is greater than 40 inch, it means that they have serious problem with their health.

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5. Skin fold or pinch test

This is also simple method that using caliper. However the result is not as accurate as dexa scan, you can try it. Do not forget to do it with professional expert because it needs precise calculation.

How to calculate your body fat? The answer is above and it is recommended to know your body fat because some serious health problem relate to body fat. It means you should pay more attention to your health condition.

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