How To Check Body Fat Percentage Correctly

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how to check body fat percentage

Healthy body has normal body fat percentage and how if the percentage is not normal, how you can know it? It is recommended to know your body fat percentage because some diseases relate to high body fat percentage. You may feel your body in good condition even you have high body fat percentage, but it is not good if you do not know how much your body carries fat. How to check body fat percentage when you do not know how to do it?

Checking body fat percentage is not quite hard because there are some ways that you can take by yourself or you can do it at your home. For example you can take skin fold method to get know your body fat percentage. Here are what you need before taking skin fold method:

  1. Caliper for body fat measuring. This is the main tool to measure your body fat and you can buy it at fitness gyms.
  2. A felt-tip pen and tape to measure your circumference
  3. Computer or pen and book to calculate the result
  4. A scale that will guide you when you get the result
  5. Helper, someone who will help you while you take the measurement

Those are what you should prepare when you want to check your body fat at your home. Then, here are the steps to take the result:

1. Pinch vertically skin between armpit and nipple (for men)
Pinch vertically skin between shoulder and acromion (for women)

2. Pinch skin right side of navel (for men)
Pinch suprailliac skin (for women)

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3. Pinch the thigh between knee and hip (for men and women)
After you take all the measurement, you can calculate your body fat percentage using calculation. Ask your helper to calculate it to get accurate result. Besides using pinch caliper, you can take another way to check your body fat percentage such as under water weighing. This method is accurate way to measure body fat percentage because the method is applied based on theory. The theory is about muscle tissue, bone and organ are denser than fat tissue. So, when you get into water, your body will reveal how much body fat that it carries. Those are examples of How to Check Body Fat Percentage that will you make know how much fat you have.

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