How To Decide Body Fat Scale Accuracy

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body fat scale accuracy

Taking measurer to know body fat percentage is one of ways to get it and there are still many ways to measure body fat percentage. But do all methods of calculating body fat percentage accurate? Body fat scale accuracy is different for each ways, it relates to method of each ways take. For example skin fold method, this way is not 100% accurate because it has 3% of error risk. The experts will pull subcutaneous fat away from muscle using measuring caliper by pinching it. Then the results are calculated into certain equation, the expert will take 3 or seven measurements to calculate the result. If you want to take this way to know your body fat percentage, you should go to hospital, clinic or fitness center to minimize the error percentage.

The second way is bioelectrical impedance. This device is used to find body fat percentage and there is no need for experts’ help to take it, you can find it at gyms or therapy center. Is it accurate? It is reported that this way is 95% accurate.  The accuracy of this scale is not perfect because the method of this way is measuring the resistance of body composition to electricity; fat tissue with other tissue. The result is not accurate because every person has different condition and activity.

The third is the most accurate body fat percentage calculator; DEXA scan. This way utilizes dual x-ray absorption which is called DEXA. Bone mineral, fat tissue and muscle tissue are estimated by DEXA scan, this way is very accurate. Since this way involves dual x-ray, you can know where part of your body holds the high fat tissue and of course it is beneficial to determine the exercise you will take to omit that fat. Talking about body fat scale accuracy, this way is the most accurate way but there are some points that you should pay attention if you want to take this way to know your body fat percentage. The first is the place, if you want to take this way, you should go to major universities that have exercise physiology exercise or health care facilitation at hospital. The second is fund, since this way is accurate; the cost of this test is also pricey. The accuracy of body fat percentage scale is different for every ways because it uses different method and condition. It is recommended to choose way that use modern technology.

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