How To Decrease Body Fat

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how to decrease body fat

Losing weight seems easy for you who like exercise but you should decrease body fat if you want to lose body weight healthy. There are many methods of losing weight and body fat as well, but you may see them quite hard. You can lose body fat by taking some simple steps here and you do not need to have equipment to help you. Here are some steps to reduce your body fat:

  1. New diet; our body need nutritious food for metabolism and you should not skip your meal; you just need to replace some foods to support your program. For example you can replace the source of protein (lean and meat) and fats by consuming mixed nuts, fish and avocado. You should not skip your breakfast, drink a lot of water and avoid drinks with calories. It is recommended to start your day with breakfast and put fiber on it.
  2. Get exercise; this is an obligation for those who want to reduce body fat. You can take cardio exercise, lift weight and also be more active. These will help you to lose body fat faster.
  3. Be motivated; sometimes motivation is the main key of dream and it works on losing body fat as well. To get motivation you can see your doctor first and tell what you want to get for your body. Your doctor will give you advice and guidance to you to reach your goals. Setting a realistic goal is the second motivation, you should loss 0,5 or 1 kg per week. The last, you should have commitment with yourself that you will do your program till end.
  4. Have good sleep; your body needs rest after doing daily activities and you should sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day to support your metabolism.
  5. Drink green tea or herb; this drink will decrease your body fat because it can burn more calories.
  6. Eat more fruits and veggies; you should add fruits and veggies on your flat every day. These will fill your need of vitamins and fiber. You will also be hydrated by consuming fruits.
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Those are some steps of how to decrease body fat, these steps will work on you who have consistence and have realistic goal of their life. It is recommended to see the doctor first before you start this program.

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