How To Drop Body Fat

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how to drop body fat

Keeping healthy body is a challenge for some people because bad habit seems easier than healthy lifestyle. But when you do not have healthy habit, your body will be in serious problem, and most diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyle like heart attack, high blood pressure, cancer and other serious diseases. It can make your body carrying much fat and it will you get serious disease. How to drop body fat for you who carry much fat on your body? It is a challenge if you want to drop your fat.

Here are ways to drop body fat that you can do if you have real goal:

  1. Keep on track, when you decide to drop your body fat, you may think that you can keep it in the middle of your course.
  2. Drink more water, your body consists of more liquid and you will release more sweat and urine when you take exercise. Water is important for your body and don’t forget to drink water every day.
  3. Calculating your calorie intake and how much you burn it by exercising.
  4. Low carbohydrate diet, it means that you can eat carbohydrate but in small portion.
  5. Eat complex carbohydrate to provide you energy. You will need more energy for exercising and it is not recommended to eat full meal.
  6. Consume fruits, when you are on diet, you will starve sweet beverages. Sugary food or sweet drinks are not good for your body and you can replace it with fresh fruits.
  7. Drinking coffee, it will help you to burn fat but do not eat full meal at the same time.
  8. Eating 6 times a day, it is better to eat six times a day with same portion/small portion. It will make body can burn calorie more effective.
  9. Consuming veggies as your snack, it is more nutritious because veggies contain more nutrition than calorie.
  10. Consuming healthy fat like avocado, it sheds your body fat and you will get more energy as well
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Those are ways to drop body fat and you can do it if you intend to have healthy body. How to drop body fat? and it is the answer of the question. You can ask your friend to join fitness club and you will feel more enthusiast to exercise.

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