How To Lose Upper Body Fat

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how to lose upper body fat

Having a great body shape is dream of everybody both men and women. But they have different body composition and shape that is why they should take different exercise when they want to shape their body. One of problem that people get with their body shape is when part of their body consists of fat like on upper body. How to lose upper body fat is question from them who want to cut their upper body fat. Actually, some exercise is good for body shaping but there are some exercise that will help you to cut upper body fat. Some fitness experts say that sprint is exercise that will cut body fat, not only upper body fat but also all fat on your body.

Sprint can help you to lose fat on your body and when you do sprint regularly, you will lose your body fat and get better shape of your body. Do not forget when you begin sprinting, you should warm your body up. It will reduce risk of injury. It is better to get warm up for 5 minutes before you start sprinting, stretch your body then sprint.

You will burn 410 calorie when you sprint 9-minutes mile. Why running can burn more calorie than tennis, jogging or swimming? According to Harvard University, running is best exercise for losing fat especially if you do High Intensity Interval Training. So you should try sprint if you want to lose your upper body fat. Another exercise that can burn fat on upper body is weigh training.

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Weigh training will build more muscle and of course it will burn fat. You can join fitness club and tell to your personal trainer what you want to do with your upper body. He/she will know how to lose upper body fat and she/he will guide you to reach your goal. Besides that, you should go on healthy diet. You should arrange healthy diet with low carbohydrates and high protein in order to gain muscle. You should avoid alcohol and get enough sleep as well. In sum losing upper body fat is not serious problem if you have passion and high spirit to take exercise and go on healthy lifestyle. Do not be hesitate to ask personal trainer or experts if you are not sure with what you should do.

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