How To Measure Body Fat Percentage

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how to measure body fat percentage

Measuring body fat percentage is easy; it depends on what way you take. There is simple and modern ways to measure body fat percentage. You can choose what you want to try based on your need. Actually, it is recommended to take measurement that is accurate to get the best result. If you have time and money, it is suggested to take DEXA scan. This way involves dual x-ray and the result show how much you carry fat in your body and where part of your body carry more fat. This way is the most accurate way to know body fat percentage. It appropriates with the cost you pay. You do not need to prepare special preparation to take the test because the facilities of DEXA scan are prepared by professional experts there and you just need to get ready for the test.

How to measure body fat percentage, here are the answers of the question:

1. Measuring your waist circumferences

Abdomen is place when most fat store and that is why measuring waist can help you to know whether your body fat percentage high, normal or lower. This is the easiest way to take body fat percentage, you just need to place tape around your navel and write down the result. There is the different ideal scale for women and men, if you are women, your waist circumference should less than 35 inch while for men is less than 40 inch.

2. Gap between thighs

To know whether you are fat or not, you can see your reflection on the mirror. If you have gap between your thighs, it means that you are slim and have normal body fat percentage. Actually this is not 100% accurate because everybody has different composition of their body.

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3. The pinch test or skin fold test

This is the convenient method that most people use to take body fat percentage. When you take this test, you should ask helper to take measurement. There are three parts of body that helper pinch; chest, abdomen and thigh. These places carry fat and if the skin that folded is thick, it means that you carry much fat in your body.

Those are ways of measuring body fate percentage that you can try easily. But if you want to more accurate result, you should take test at health facilities with experts’ help.

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