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How to Measure the Amount of Body Fat Manually

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The amount of body fat cannot be directly seen from body’s size, shape, and even weight. There is a common perception believed by people which is actually wrong. It is that skinny people must be free from fat. Of course, it is not exactly like that. There may be fat in which those skinny people don’t realize. In general, fat is actually needed as the energy resource. However, when it is more than that the ideal amount, it can be dangerous for your health. There are many diseases caused by the excess of fat including heart attack, diabetes mellitus, liver disorder, and many more. It is really important anyway to measure the amount of fat inside your body. How is it when you don’t have the measurement tool?

Measuring the Body Mass Index

The tools needed are available around you like a scale, a height measuring instrument, calculator, and a note. The body mass index or BMI is the standard measurement of your nutrition status seen from the height and weight. The formula is weight/ height*height. Ideal body is considered when the BMI found is from 17 to 23. Less than that means you are too skinny while more than that means you are too fat.

Measuring the Amount of Body Fat

According to the prediction formula found from a research published on British Journal of Nutrition, you can find the amount of your body fat. The formula is different between male and female. Here they are; male (1.2*BMI) + (0.23*age) – 10.8-5.4 and female (1.2*BMI) + (0.23*age) – 5.4. The number found from the calculation shows the total amount of fat compared to all organs and body liquid. Indeed, this is basically a prediction formula so that it is not 100% accurate. However, it is quite effective to know the estimation of fat inside your body.

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