Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing

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hydrostatic body fat testing

You may heard that there are some ways to calculate body fat both convenient and modern ways. They have different procedures while testing and the required device is also dissimilar. Since getting to know body fat percentage is important, most people try to take this measuring. They have different reasons and most of them are healthy problems. Generally people will take this testing because they find their body in poor condition such as overweight or disease. There is also another reason to take body fat percentage like military requirement for joining academy. Then, if you get problem with your health condition, you should take body fat percentage test. After you get the result, you can decide what your next step.

Hydrostatic body fat testing is one way of taking body fat percentage accurately because the calculation is based on the right theory. That is why this way is used by most health clubs, fitness club and other health facilities. Do not think that you should stay underwater for few minutes while you take this testing because you just need 5-10 seconds and the professional will help you. This way is also called underwater weighing and some experts say this is accurate body fat testing besides other ways.

How hydrostatic body fat testing work? This is the main question that may appear on your head, here is the answer. Our body consists of bone, muscle tissue, organs and also fat tissue. Three of them (bone, muscle tissue and organs) are denser than fat tissue and it is the reason why underwater weighing is effective to check body fat percentage. Fat tissue does not dense like other body composition, it means when you take underwater weighing and you do not displace more water, your body fat percentage is high. Conversely when you displace more water when you enter the pool, it means that you have normal body fat percentage. It is simple and easy to understand. The calculation is also processed using computer; you will get the right calculation of your body fat percentage. The process does not take a long time; you will enter small pool or tub with warm water and stay for 5-10 seconds each session. If you are interested to try hydrostatic body fat testing, you should bring small towel and also swimsuit to support the test.

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