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Want to Lose Weight by Eating Ice? Try to Follow the Ice Diet

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This dietary pattern encourages you to eat ice. How can ice lose weight? Here’s the explanation! Ideal body so many people desire. So many who want a slim body, even without exercise. But have you ever tried an ice diet?

A man from the United States named Dr. Brian C. Weiner is the originator of this ice diet. He also wrote an electronic book entitled “The Ice Diet”, reported by Food NDTV (23/1).

For you as an ice lover, this diet may be fun to do. The reason this diet requires you to eat ice in large quantities. You also have to consume at least one liter of ice per day coupled with healthy food.

Eating ice is considered to increase the body’s metabolism. Because the body needs more energy to melt the ice inside the body. By eating ice in large quantities, the body will feel full. This can reduce the intake of food in the body. Based on an electronic book written by Dr. Wiener, ingesting a liter of ice can burn 160 calories.

This ice diet increases the body’s basal metabolism. When you ingest large amounts of ice, your body will instantly heat the ice to keep it at the same temperature as the body. But you do not just eat ice. Because this ice diet needs to be accompanied by eating other healthy foods.

Based on research published in the medical journal “The Annals of Internal Medicine”, an ice diet coupled with healthy eating can help you lose weight. But do not consume too much ice because it can have a negative impact on the health of the body. Can cause coughs and colds to damage teeth.

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If you want to try this ice diet, then you can follow the following way to increase the portion of ice in the daily diet:

1. Add ice to drinking water

Drinking ice water after eating can actually make you full longer. So it can help you lose weight. This habit has actually made a lot of people. But there is no effect because it is not accompanied by eating healthy foods.

2. Add ice to the tea

It does not matter if you want to add ice cubes to green tea or fresh tasting tea if you are on this diet. Tea and ice are valued natural ingredients that can decrease appetite.

Once again, this diet is considered to be successful if coupled with other healthy foods and its portions must be maintained and not excessive. So do not just eat ice cubes.

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