Is Losing Weight The Same As Losing Fat
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Is Losing Weight The Same As Losing Fat ?

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Many people may think that losing weight is a sign that the body fat has been lessened or even gone. In fact, it is not that way. Despite the fat tissues inside, your body weight is also influenced by the organ and muscle mass as well as the bones. In other words, body weight is the total mass of all body components commonly measured in kilograms or pounds. The main weakness is that it cannot differentiate which one the mass of organ and the mass of fat is. Therefore, when you are gaining weight, it can be caused by the increase of muscle mass or the gain of fat. The possibilities are also the same if your body weight is reduced.

How to Lose Weight Safely

The term of lose weight safely refers to the decresing of fat and unused calorie, not organ or muscle mass. You can do it by lessening the fat until the safety limit. For belly fat, as example, the safety limit is abdominal circumference of less than 90 cm for male and less than 80 cm for female. To reach this ideal fat content, you need to lessen the consumption of foods with calorie as well as do more exercises. The consumption of carbohydrate is better to be done after exercising.

It is okay to gain weight

There is a common wrong perception in our society. Body weight is often used as the main indicator whether your body is already healthy or not. Surely, it is depending on your height too. It is okay to gain weight as long as you are sure that it is not because of fat or calorie. By applying healthy lifestyle, it is expected that the gaining weight is due to the increase of organ or muscle fat. So, do the healthy lifestyle from now.

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