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Body fat is part of our body that provides energy if it is in normal scale, how we can know that our body fat is normal? We can know our body fat percentage using body fat estimator. This device will calculate how much your body fat and give you the information. It sounds simple device but not all device can give you the exact information, you should pay more attention to it. Some people take simple method to estimate their body fat percentage such as using BMI calculation. It is calculation of weight and height of body, the result will show whether your body index is normal or overweight. This calculation does not give much information because you do not know the composition of your body. But this is the simplest way to know your body mass.

If you want to get the exact information about your body fat, you can try underwater weighing. This is one of accurate body fat estimator. The result of this way is your body fat percentage. How under water weighing works? Body has bone, organ, muscle and also fat. Fat is part that is not denser than other parts. It is base under water weighing initiation. When you enter the pool, the displaced water is measurement. Since fat is not denser than other tissue, the much water displaced means your body fat percentage is normal. Conversely, when you displace small water, you carry much fat on your body. This theory is logical and you can understand easily.

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Another body fat estimator is skin fold method. This is a convenient method that most people use to calculate their body fat percentage. Pinching skin is technique to know body fat because most fat store under skin near organ. Chest, abdomen and thigh are places where this method takes measurement. However this method is quite accurate but it does not work well for people with obese problem. So, if you are overweight and not obese, you can try this way with someone help.

Using body fat estimator to get information about your body fat percentage is recommended because it helps you keep your healthy body and you can set your weight loss or weight gain program based on the information you get about your body fat percentage. Do not forget to choose body fat calculator that you believe will give the exact information even it is pricey.

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