Military Body Fat Calculator

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military body fat calculator

Some countries obligate their citizen, adult men, to join military camp for certain time and before they join the camp, they should pass military body fat calculator. The calculator of military is designed for army to be and it is different than other body fat calculator. The different is at using weight as major factor for scaling body fat calculator. For example U.S military body fat standard, there is no limit weight for people to enter military academy but there is a limit for body fat percentage. There is standard of body fat percentage for military member and if they have more standard, they will be given administrative sanctions.

Military members are measured their weight periodically and they should maintain their body fat percentage to avoid sanctions. It is also as self-control to do exercise and keep healthy lifestyle. Military men are measured based on abdomen circumference and neck circumference, then for military female are measured based on neck circumference, waist circumference and hip circumference. There is different standards body fat percentage for military members (before and after join military) like the following table show:

Maximum Allowable Body Fat Percentage to Join*

Age Male Female
17-20 26% 32%
21-27 26% 32%
28-39 28% 34%
40 and over 30% 36%

Maximum Body Fat Percentage Standard after Entry*

Age Male Female
17-20 20% 30%
21-27 22% 32%
28-39 24% 34%
40 and over 26% 36%

The table shows that each group of age have different standard, it follows the rule of healthy standard body fat percentage. If you are interested to join military, you can try to measure your body fat percentage first on internet. Here are forms that you should fill to scale body fat on military body fat calculator;

  1. Age; enter your age
  2. Gender
  3. Waist size at your naval
  4. Hip size at widest point
  5. Neck at narrowest point
  6. Forearm at largest point
  7. Wrist at narrowest point
  8. Enter your weight
  9. Enter your height
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Military body fat calculator is calculator that designing to measure body fat of military members and people who want to join military camp. There are some websites providing such calculator and it is almost same with the real calculator, you can try it and deciding what you should do to enter the next step before joining military camp. Do not forget to follow the rule of forms and use the accurate tape to measure your circumperences.

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