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No ratings yet. Body fat is undeniably really disturbing. Despite it may make your appearance look less beautiful, the fat is not good for your health as well. It causes many health problems and diseases like heart attack, liver problem

No ratings yet. Belly fat is known also as visceral or abdominal fat is a kind of fat which is quite dangerous. It is because the placement which is around many vital organs. Aside from that, the belly fat must

No ratings yet. Many people may feel upset and embarrassed when their body is full of fat. There are many things to do then. One of the most popular ways is by doing diet. There is actually something you should

No ratings yet. The amount of body fat cannot be directly seen from body’s size, shape, and even weight. There is a common perception believed by people which is actually wrong. It is that skinny people must be free from

No ratings yet. Many people may think that losing weight is a sign that the body fat has been lessened or even gone. In fact, it is not that way. Despite the fat tissues inside, your body weight is also