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Healthy body has normal body fat percentage and how if the percentage is not normal, how you can know it? It is recommended to know your body fat percentage because some diseases relate to high body fat percentage. You may

Keeping healthy body is a challenge for some people because bad habit seems easier than healthy lifestyle. But when you do not have healthy habit, your body will be in serious problem, and most diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyle

Having a great body shape is dream of everybody both men and women. But they have different body composition and shape that is why they should take different exercise when they want to shape their body. One of problem that

Body fat is part of our body that provides energy if it is in normal scale, how we can know that our body fat is normal? We can know our body fat percentage using body fat estimator. This device will

Measuring body fat percentage is easy; it depends on what way you take. There is simple and modern ways to measure body fat percentage. You can choose what you want to try based on your need. Actually, it is recommended

You begin to exercise and go on diet because your body shape is not as good as you want. After you try healthy lifestyle, your body shows small different, it means you should check your body condition. When you decide

One way to measure body fat percentage is using body fat caliper and it is used by some people based on the theory that fat stores under the skin. Actually you can get measuring your body fat using caliper by