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Body fat ranges are scales of fat both essential and storage fat in human body. It is determined by professionals or health organization as guidance for human. For example; women under 30s have the range of body fat percentage between

Taking measurer to know body fat percentage is one of ways to get it and there are still many ways to measure body fat percentage. But do all methods of calculating body fat percentage accurate? Body fat scale accuracy is

Some people know that fat is important for body but if the amount of fat is too high, it will increase the risk of serious disease. To know whether your body fat percentage is normal or nonstandard, you need to

Fat is one of source energy in your body and it is not bad as the percentage of body fat is normal. When you have normal body fat percentage, your body will be in good condition but if the percentage

How does the body burn fat? This question may appear on your head when you get your body fat. The answer is not simple but you can get the simple answer here. Daily activities and your work can burn your

You may hear that being fat or having much fat in your body will make you get into serious problem. It is true because body has limit space for storing fat and if fat is too much in your body

How to calculate your body fat? To measure body fat, you can try some methods both conventional and modern with technology. The two have different technique and you can choose what you think right for you. Here are some methods