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Losing weight seems easy for you who like exercise but you should decrease body fat if you want to lose body weight healthy. There are many methods of losing weight and body fat as well, but you may see them

Some people believe that losing weight means losing fat; it is not true because losing weight can mean losing muscle. If you lose weight and muscle, your body still has fat. So, how to lose body fat and gain muscle?

Some countries obligate their citizen, adult men, to join military camp for certain time and before they join the camp, they should pass military body fat calculator. The calculator of military is designed for army to be and it is

Shaping a good body is a challenge for human with obesity or overweight but it is just not challenge but also beneficial step to get healthy body. The first step to improve your body weight is measure body fat percentage.

What is my body fat percentage? This question may cross your mind and you want to know the answer. Here is some explanation about body fat percentage that you should know. Fat is flab in the body that protects organs

Some people believe that scales that measure weights or body fat will give exact information but not all scales gives right information because the methods of scales are not accurate. Everybody have different normal body fat scale because it depends

Overweight or obesity is a serious problem for human, both men and women; they face hard time because their lifestyle is quite bad. Some think that ‘look’ is important and weight loss or fat loss program should be taken and