Scale That Measure Body Fat

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scale that measure body fat

Some people believe that scales that measure weights or body fat will give exact information but not all scales gives right information because the methods of scales are not accurate. Everybody have different normal body fat scale because it depends on gender, hormone, age and height. If you scale your body weight on body fat scale, the scale just give the result based on the resistance information that come from electricity of legs’ muscle. It is not accurate because when you steps the scale, it does not consider the real condition of your body such as when you eat your last food, how hydrated you are and when you do your last exercise. Those factors should be considered when you will scale your body.

It means the accurate body fat scale is scale that considers some factors above. If you want to measure your body fat, you should take DEXA Scanning. This is a scale that measure body fat and you can take it at hospital or health clinic. Before you taking the scan, you will be asked some questions or fill the form about your condition; it reflects that this method of scale will give you the real information. The price of this scan is quite pricey because it utilizes the technology of X-ray and taken by experts.

Hydro densitometry is another method to scale body fat, this method use water to weigh body considers the density of body. The result will show the body fat and it is quite accurate. The third method is a Bod Pod, this method utilize an egg – shaped device. The device will scale body fat when someone insert the device by recording the change in air pressure. This device can scale that measure body fat is quicker and more accurate than hydro densitometry but it depends on experts that assess it. If you want to scale your body fat using basic method and take it at home, you can use BMI index and tape measurement. This is quite simple because you just need to calculate your weight and height, then you measure your waist. If the result shows that you are overweight, it means that you should take some exercise and go on healthy diet. Those are some methods of scale that measure body fat that you should know.

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