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How Stress Can Drive People Fat

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When there is a lot of thought or chronic Stress, some of us may be eating more. In the long term slowly can gain weight until finally overweight or even obese.

Such an uncontrolled appetite is often referred to as emotional eating. What causes it to be called a researcher can be because of the blood sugar reaction in the body when a person is under stress.

A team from Leeds University and Dr. Giles Yeo from the BBC program “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor”, did a little experiment to see this. Dr. Giles deliberately put himself under stress by undergoing Maastricht Stress tests.

The tests involve Dr. Giles to solve math problems quickly in front of the computer. He had soaked his hands in a bucket of ice water for some time. Blood sugar level Dr. Giles is measured before and after the test.

“Our blood sugar will normally increase during meals and in healthy people like Giles blood sugar will quickly come back down,” says the science host for the BBC, Dr. Michael Mosley.

“But what the team found out of Leeds was when Giles was stressed his blood sugar took three hours longer to get back to normal, six times longer than usual on a stress-free day,” continued Dr. Michael.

Why blood sugar rises during stress is a natural reaction to give the body extra energy because it is considered in danger. But when the extra energy is unused, then the pancreas will pump insulin to lower blood sugar.

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“Insulin and increased blood sugar levels can make you feel hungry, which is why you want to eat high-carbohydrate foods when you are stressed out,” says Dr. Michael.

What can someone do to overcome this? According to the most important experts are realizing it can really distinguish the impulse to eat that really because it needs nutrients or because of the influence of emotion.

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