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What are Healthy Fats and Why You Need Them

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What people know about fats is just something that can make you gain weight. However, fats are the organic molecules that are made of hydrogen and carbon elements joint together in hydrocarbons which are known as long chains. The configuration of molecules can determine whether the fats are healthy or not. What are the healthy fats? It is something you need to know better than the bad one because your body and mind need it.

What are Healthy Fats and The Importance of Them

The easiest way to know the unhealthy fats in your weight. Unhealthy fats are things that can make you gain weight and this is bad for your health because bad fats can cause some diseases even the worse ones. Then, what are healthy fats? If you always hear about polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, those belong to healthy fats. You know if human beings always consume saturated fats, unprocessed food like milk, organ meats and more during your life existence.

People evolved on the diets including the marine life, inland plants or wild game and those are provided the omega-3 and unprocessed fats. Humans also consume all parts of the animal. The short definition of healthy fats can be the unprocessed fats from the whole foods. Meanwhile, the unhealthy fats are literally produced and nonperishable like cooking oil, margarine, fatty acids inside processed food and more. The fat intake from saturated, mono and poly will be distributed evenly since humans consume whole food for diet.

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The researchers also estimate if omega-6 and omega-3 ratio in the diet of the hunter-gatherer are 1:1. However, people consume in the ratio of 16:1 to 20:1 so it is not balanced. Most omega-6 along with saturated fat intakes is coming from the refined sources of fat, not from the foods. Why people need healthy fats? Why do you even ask because it can deliver more health benefits for you? It can give you the most powerful effects on your body. Fats are needed to support your metabolism, hormone production, immunity, cell signaling and more.

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Another benefit is if you eat enough fats during your meal, then you can stay full longer than before. There are so many benefits you can gain and the strong evidence is to alleviate depression, the body composition can improve, cardiovascular protection or it can protect you from heart failure and disease. It can also reduce the ADD and ADHD symptoms, aggressive behavior, preserve your eye health, memory and also it prevents cancer.

That is why you don’t need to ask more about what are healthy fats and why you need it inside your body because those can balance your metabolism inside and it can be your energy too.

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