What is Body Fat Ranges for Female

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body fat ranges

Body fat ranges are scales of fat both essential and storage fat in human body. It is determined by professionals or health organization as guidance for human. For example; women under 30s have the range of body fat percentage between 14% – 21%. The range reflects that normally women under 30s should not have body fat percentage less than 14% and more than 21%. It is for women with normal activity or not athletes. Female athletes have different range of body fat; 8% – 15%. It is certain for athletes to have less body fat because their professions require gaining more muscle. Actually the standard of body fat range is different for group ages, female at 31-50 should have more body fat percentage than female up to 30; 15% – 23%. Then for female over 50 should have 16% – 25% body fat percentage. Those are the normal body fat range for women but everyone has different health condition that is why there are body fat range for female that more than the standard but it still acceptable. It is 24% – 30% and if you have its body fat percentage, you can be in good condition.

Actually some people have different calculation for body fat ranges and it is acceptable because human have different health condition and also body composition. However there are dissimilar body fat scales, all body fat ranges that you get from health experts or internet is almost accurate. Those scales are determined by researches and it has small error risk. The different scales of body fat percentages are influenced also by different ways of taking measurement. For example are using BMI, tape measure, DEXA scan, underwater weigh and etc. Those ways are considered as body fat calculator and they have different accuracy as well.

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If you are interested to try body fat percentage calculator to know your position, it is recommended to try DEXA scan because it is the most accurate way than other ways. After you get the result of your scan, professional expert will tell you your health condition relating to body fat percentage. You can also see body fat ranges for female and determine where your position is. Knowing body fat ranges for male or female is important because it relates to health condition and how to keep healthy body.

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