What Is My Body Fat Percentage

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what is my body fat percentage

What is my body fat percentage? This question may cross your mind and you want to know the answer. Here is some explanation about body fat percentage that you should know. Fat is flab in the body that protects organs and also supply energy for your activities. In conclusion, fat is important for body and it is not possible if you can eliminate all fat of your body. Some people think that fat is worst for body but it is not right because body needs fat. If you have a huge amount of fat, you will get into trouble because some serious health issues relate to high fat percentage.

To know your body fat percentage is not quite hard, the simplest way is by seeing your reflection on the mirror. You can see your fat on your stomach, thigh, butt or sleeve. If you see your part of body looks strange, it may be caused by high body fat percentage. The minimum amount of fat or essential fat for woman at 20 – 40 years old is 10 – 12%, for men at the same age is 2 – 4%. If you have less fat percentage, it means you are underweight and you should add your weight. Conversely, if you have more body fat percentage, you are not athlete or fitness person, you should decrease your weight.

Then how to know my body fat percentage? There are some ways to know body fat percentage such as DEXA Scanning and Body Fat Scales and Monitor. Those ways are quite accurate especially DEXA Scanning because it utilizes X-Ray facilities. You just need lays on X-ray table as 10 minutes and you will know the result. This method is accurate but it is also quite pricey depending on where you take it.

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After you know the answer of question ‘What Is My Body Fat Percentage’, you can decide the next steps to keep your body fat percentage in normal scale. Whether you should decrease or increase your body fat percentage, the important point is you should stay healthy. Doing some exercise and consuming healthy foods are the right ways to keep healthy body and keep normal body fat percentage. Those are explanation about body fat percentage that you have not know, then fat is not bad for your body as long as it is at normal scale.

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