What is Navy Body Fat Calculator

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what is navy body fat calculator

Some institutions require their employees to have healthy body with measuring their weight, height and body fat percentage. Military members are also commanded to have normal standard body fat percentage based on each departments’ decision include navy. There are number of body fat percentage measurements and each measure has different method in taking it. Navy body fat calculator is calculator that used by Navy member to scale their body fat percentage. Since the accuracy of body fat percentage measurement is different because its different methods, if you want to take the scale you should take the most accurate calculator.

Navy body fat calculator is designed to become the most accurate calculator because it is useful for navy member. If you want to take body fat calculator, you should see experts to help you. This calculator is considered as the exact calculator even the method used is conventional. If you heard DEXA scan or underwater weighing as the most accurate calculator, navy use more convenient method that it using tape measure. Here are steps to measure body fat percentage based on navy rules:

  1. Type your gender ; male or female
  2. Measure your height, using tape measure height while you stand on flat surface, ask helper to take it. Put the result on calculator
  3. Measure your weight using weigh calculator. put the result on calculator
  4. Measure your waist circumferences. Put the result on calculator
  5. Measure your neck circumferences. Put the result on calculator
  6. Measure your hips circumferences only for female
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After you put all your data on calculator, then you click ‘calculate’ and the result will appear. The results are body fat percentage, fat mass, lean mass and body fat category. It is recommended for you to consider some important point before taking measurement. The first you should measure abdomen near to navel and use the tape that is not too loose and not too snug. The last you should ask helper to take the data in order to decrease the risk of error.

Navy body fat calculator is calculator to measure body fat, the way is more convenient and without any health facilities. Navy has certain standard for both body fat calculator and body fat percentage scales. Some people believe that navy method is quite accurate and the result is also almost accurate.

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