What Should My Body Fat Be

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what should my body fat be

Having normal body fat is good for your health because some serious health problem relate to body fat. Some people know that fat is flab that bad for health. But it is not right to blame fat as source of health problem because the normal or good body fat percentage supports your physiological and psychological development.  If you feel your body fat is not in the normal percentage, you should check it to your doctor.  Otherwise you do not know your body fat percentage; you should check it to prevent serious health issue.

Before you check your body fat percentage, you should know the ideal percentage of body fat based on age and gender. Here are table of body fat percentage based on American Council of Exercise:


Women (% Fat)

Men (% Fat)

Essential Fat













32% +

25% +

The table shows that everybody has different percentage of body fat; you know your position by seeing the table. But there are some researches about body fat percentage; they also show the different result for example Mayo Clinic – popular health organization. According to Mayo Clinic women between 20 – 40 years old are in good condition if their body fat percentage is 21 – 33%. Then for men at the same age are in good condition if their body fat percentage is 8 – 19%. The percentage will increase as human grow, the body fat percentage between young people and old should be different.

If you have not known your body fat percentage, you should see your doctor to check it. Then your doctor will explain your condition and what you should do then. If you are woman at 41 – 60 years old, your ideal body fat percentage is between 23 – 35%. The second, for woman at 61 – 79 years old, the ideal body fat percentage is between 36 – 42%. After you know your ideal body fat percentage, make sure you make your body has the right percentage of body fat. Since body fat percentage relate to health condition, keeping the right percentage is an obligation for everyone. If you keep your body fat in normal or health position, you can avoid some serious disease such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and even cardiovascular problem.

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