Whats A Good Body Fat Percentage

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whats a good body fat percentage

Whats A Good Body Fat Percentage – Body fat percentage is one of factor that people should be considered when they want to know their health condition, for example when they are in serious health condition. Some people may already know about body fat, they know that fat is thing in the body that come from food and it can harm human condition. Actually its perception is not accurate because fat is needed for supporting human activity. However human need fat for their body, the percentage of fat should be in normal quantity. It means good body fat percentage is the right ratio of fat in human body.

Everybody has different body fat percentage and there are some factor influenced its different. For example women and men have different composition of their body, they have different the right body fat percentage. Other factor such as height and genetic also affect body fat percentage but there are some institution giving the chart of body fat percentage in right portion such as American Council of Exercise (ACE).

In the chart of body fat percentage that ACE present, there is the different between men and women, women have higher body fat percentage because women need more fat for ovulation. Women need more fat for physical development such as breast and sexual organ. Physiological factor such as hormones is also affected the body fat percentage for women.  Here is good body fat percentage according to American Council of Exercise (ACE), women have 10-13% essential fat and men have 2-5% essential fat, it is good body fat percentage. Essential fat is the total body fat that human have for their physical and psychological health.

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Having low body fat or higher body fat is bad for health condition because it can make serious health problem or disease. Higher body fat percentage relates to serious health issues such as heart attack, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and even erectile dysfunction for men. Some research also show that men between 20-39 years old should be have 8-20% body fat, in the same age for women should have 21-33% body fat, it is good body fat for human.

It is important to know the body fat percentage for us because some health problems relate to body fat. You can know your body fat percentage by seeing your doctor or going to hospital. After you know your body fat percentage, you can decide how you will live then.

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